Offsite Overview

The Five Step UnBEATable Entrepreneur Offsite Strategic Process
Step One:  Prepare the leadership and the team. 

It is important that the skills needed to engage in this high level strategic planning process are made available prior to this session.  Leadership will have completed the Adventure in Excellence Intensive, Adventures in Attitudes and Adventures in Collaboration. Team members will have completed Adventures in Attitudes and Adventures in Collaboration

Step Two: Preliminary Coaching Session

This includes…
A review of the the parameters for the off-site
Establish leadership vision and objectives helping to direct strategic planning efforts
You will answer these questions:

  • What is helping your team?
  • What is hurting your team?
  • What matters?
  • What doesn’t matter?

Discussion and incorporation of any past planning
Determination of team members for the offsite… This is the most critical step!  “What team are you trying to build?”

Step Three:  The Workshop

This session will accommodate 15-18 participants and no less than 7.  The employees will be determined in the pre-planning session and they will assist you in developing and participating in the planning process.  It is important that they have the ability to understand customer needs and employee performance dependency. Click here for the objectives of the three days.

Step Four: Review Outcomes

Excellence Training, LLC will compile the results of the three days and provide strategic planning summaries for each participant.  A separate meeting will be scheduled to review the final results and manuals will be distributed.

Step Five:  Roll out the Strategic Plan 

The team will be responsible for doing this under the coaching of Excellence Training, LLC