What do Excellence Training Graduates

Have to Say?

Effective and Progressive!

“I found in Adventures in Excellence a very effective, progressive, and eclectic process grounded in sound therapeutic interventions, which were highly effective in supporting me to discover and resolve difficulties I had experienced in my life. As a result of my participating in this weekend, I have gained a number of skills that I continue to employ today.

The learning is structured so that it is experiential, not just theoretical, allowing for integration. As a result, the changes I have experienced have been permanent – enhancing my personal and professional competencies exponentially. I am a very effective, compassionate and insightful practitioner who is sensitive to the needs of my clients as they negotiate their healing journey.

Johanne Edwards has a very firm grasp of the human condition, the suffering one experiences and the necessary processes of healing and redemption in order to move beyond emotional, and behavioral patterns which limit growth, cloud perceptions and falsify identifies. She has created a significantly self-empowering process, which allows the participant to resolve and recreate one’s self in deeply spiritual, sensible, and grounded ways, which ultimately serve to improve the quality of one’s life, permanently.”

-Diana Boufford, BSW, RSW
Certificate of Gerontology
Bachelor of Social Work
Registered Social Worker

A Profound Experience!

“Words cannot fully describe the impact that this course has had on me personally, professionally, and spiritually. Adventures in Excellence training has allowed me to fully examine myself to the core and has given me a profound experience that I will be grateful for my entire life.”

-Jack Zahran
Financial Analyst

Changed the Direction of My Life at 75!

“I did not dream that at age 75 I could actually change the direction of my life.”

-Betty Renaud

More Resolve!

“I have gotten more resolve to let go and I plan to keep reminding myself that the only person that I have control over is myself.”

-Charlie Davis
Professor of Engineering
Kettering University

I’ll Cherish What I’ve Learned Here!

“It was definitely an extremely helpful and worthwhile course. I will never forget my experience and will cherish what I’ve learned here.”

-Matt Cherveny

I’m Bringing This Transformation Training into My Work

“I would love to bring this transformational training to my practice. How incredible would it be to help people through their divorce both financially as well as emotionally?”

-Carrie Cole
Financial Consultant & Certified Divorce Specialist

The Topping after 20 Years of Sobriety

“Well, I was referred to the Excellence Training and I had already 20 years of sobriety, this was the topping for me. I was able to let it all out, no holding back…it was wow… bang… walked away… what happened?”

-Robert Gibson
Automotive Manufacturing Assembly

Now Living in My Freedom Zone!

“Thanks to Excellence Training I experienced one of the most important breakthroughs of my life. I have since empowered myself to make the changes that are transforming my whole life (step by step)! I am now living in my freedom zone and loving every joyful minute!”

-Mariette L. Jones
Canadian Immigration Custodian

I’m Charting My Own Course!

“I Finally got it! Through this planning process, I was able to utilize my own talents and chart my own course.”

-Linda Cassar
Former Director of Marketing & Group Sales
Bay Area Convention and Visitors Bureau

Helps Dissimilar Groups to Develop a Clearly Defined Business Plan

“Excellence Training has the unique ability to help dissimilar groups develop a clearly defined business plan that is understood and supported by all participants. This is a rare talent that is difficult to find, especially at this level.”

-Les Huffman
Vice President, Prosper, Inc., MSO
San Antonio, Texas

I Still Reference These Skills Six Years after Excellence Training

“The skills that I learned in the Excellence training have built the strong foundation for the woman and Counselor that I am today. I participated in the course six years ago (and subsequently volunteered as an assistant for several classes) and still think about and consciously reference the basic principles on a daily basis.

As an individual, I am certainly more confident and goal oriented. A weight has been lifted and there is a constant calmness in my being. As a Counselor, I have been able to approach clients and families from a place of greater understanding and compassion. I trust people more and honor the diversity of their journeys. I see my purpose in a whole new light and actively live my life toward fulfilling what I am here to emanate and do. This workshop is a must for anyone working with people on their emotional, cognitive or physical well being!!!”

-Aliza S. Grant, L.L.P.C
Flushing, Michigan

My New Decisiveness Helped Me Manifest an $800,000 Grant

“I was able to develop more meaningful relationships in my life. I first became interested in personal growth and development so that I could better understand myself, and my feelings. Why was it that I felt happy or sad in certain situations? This was exciting, but seemed somewhat unfulfilling and a little selfish. In Adventures in Excellence III I developed a much more keen interest in stepping outside of that framework. That is, while I was still very much interested in understanding myself, I became equally interested in understanding other people as well. In the process, I learned a ton about myself, including how I operate with other types of people, and my strengths and weaknesses in these interactions. I better understand, and appreciate, what other people value, and how they might like to be acknowledged for their contribution.

I was able to be more decisive. I have tons of stuff going on this summer, including starting a new job, moving to a new city in a new home, coordinating the renovation of this new home (from 600 miles away!), and a new baby boy. My indecision prior to Adventures in Excellence III would have made accomplishing these tasks all at one time impossible—just the thought of completing one of these tasks would have been paralyzing, let alone all of them at once.

Through the technology that I gained in this course I have been able to manage my decisions in a powerful way. It is not that the stress of doing too many things has disappeared, or that indecision doesn’t rear its ugly head sometimes, but these are much less of a problem now that I am able to distinguish them, and choose to handle them in a more powerful way than in the past.

I was able to operate out of abundance in the world. I have developed a strong appreciation in the ability to generate new realities in my life, simply by speaking possibilities into existence. This past six months I wrote a major grant, for ~$800,000 in the span of about one month. Previously, I would have suffered and struggled all the way through such an exercise, and it almost certainly would have taken two to three times as long. By calling this new reality into existence (i.e., a well-written proposal in a reasonable time) and having faith that it would workout “somehow” I was able to accomplish my goal in half the time. The amazing thing was that once I decided what the end result would be (i.e., successfully getting the grant), the steps necessary for getting to that end point magically started to appear.

I was able to bring balance into my life. This past month my wife and I experienced the birth of our first son, Benjamin. He is absolutely delightful—my greatest masterpiece by far. I can look at him for hours on end without loosing interest. I spent the entire month with my wife, Angie and Benjamin, with no other major commitments or distractions. It has been marvelous to be so present in their lives! Prior to my experience in Adventures in Excellence III I might have been torn as to whether to spend time with my family as opposed to advancing my career. Adventures in Excellence III helped me to distinguish this imbalance and help me to redirect energies to other areas that are equally important. In the process, my career life has never been brighter, nor has it seemed more fulfilled. I really understand that a meaningful life is one that is examined. And, by examining what is most important to me I have started to prioritize those things that are significant, and to eliminate those time stealers that are just distractions.”

-Dr. Charles Davis
Adventures in Excellence III Graduate
Professor of Botany
Harvard University