To all secret entrepreneurs, geniuses, leaders, artists and world changers –
what could you achieve if all the barriers to greatness were removed?

It’s a Shame That You’re Still Playing Small When You Could Be Winning BIG at Your Own Game

The Experience

The weekends consist of a series of activities known as games. The learning exercises utilize experiential and accelerated learning that take place within and outside the training room during the entire weekend.

As many as 80% of people don’t like their jobs
Nearly 75% of people don’t know their true passion
Are you one of them?

Dear Adventures I and II Grad,

I want you to know how proud I am of you and the giant leaps I’ve seen you make. I’m speaking to you directly because you’ve already experienced the transformational power of the beginning Excellence Training, Adventures in Excellence Intensive (Adventures I and II.) The training you’ve received has opened you up to your own magnificence and helped you stretch yourself to new places in your relationships, your confidence and your emotional intelligence.

I know your world became brighter and more promising. I also know that the Adventures experience opened up a whole lot of other questions too.

“Am I really in the right job or profession?”
“How can I improve my relationships even more?”
“What’s my true calling and purpose?”
“How can I have more prosperity in my life?”
“How can I achieve the one thing I’ve always dreamed of doing?”

The Adventures experience has shown you it’s possible to change your life and experience joy. I hope you won’t let your journey end there, because I know you. I know how much more there is inside of you that could benefit the world.

I’ve created an Adventures in Excellence Advanced Course, The Warrior’s Dash so that you can answer all your questions and become the master of your own life. If you thought Adventures I and II was powerful (and I know you did or you wouldn’t be reading this!), you haven’t see ANYTHING yet!

Are You Ready for the Next Level?

If you’ve secretly thought about starting a business, really embracing your creative side or just plain escaping the rat race, your on the right page!

Think about your day to day life. Are you in a rut? Do you really enjoy what you’re doing? Do you hold yourself back from doing what you love most because you “don’t have the time?”

I know you’re committed to personal growth because you’ve attended the beginning Excellence Training courses. Now’s the time to take your growth to the next level.

Only graduates of the Adventures Intensive (Adventures I and II) are qualified to take this course. If you haven’t attended or you aren’t already registered for Adventures Intensive, be sure to check out that confidence course first or take a look at the Winner’s Circle Package where you can get the Adventures Intensive, The Warrior’s Dash and much more.

Why You Should Trust Me on This

You may already know who I am, but did you know that I am one of a handful of trainers throughout the world that has access to the technology that I will share in this course?

After years of participating in self-discovery courses, I have combined the best of the best into this extraordinary course designed to get you the results you have been looking for.

“The supreme art of the teacher is to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”
– Albert Einstein

I created this course because my own experience, and that of hundreds of my Adventures Intensive graduates, showed me what was needed to build a really satisfying life –  the tools to get a game plan together.

If you’re like we were – experiencing the longings for accomplishment, but not going for it- you’ve been spinning your wheels. Or maybe you haven’t had a clue about how to recognize the right goals from your heart and the means to put together a game plan to accomplish them.

What’s the Warrior’s Dash?

Introducing the Adventures in Excellence Advanced Course: THE WARRIOR’S DASH.  Twelve days of joyfully experiencing all that your life has to offer. This course, spread over four months, is designed to overcome the hurdles you face in finding balance, satisfaction, success as you define it and pure bliss.  This is the next step in your personal growth journey after the Adventures in Excellence Intensive.

This course has been developed to provide a structured and supportive environment to discover who it is you were born to be.  Once you have determined your vision; you’ll put into place the road map that will direct your path to a success-filled finish line.

The Warrior’s Dash focuses on five key areas in the four month time frame

You’ll find ultimate clarity along with the peace and satisfaction of knowing what you came here to be and do.

  • Find your Inner Genius
  • Identify your life’s purpose
  • Take a stand for future generations
  • Reconnect with the innovative and creative risk taker you once were
  • Identify the pitfalls that have stopped you in the past
  • Begin to play a new game
  • Rekindle your passion and have your dreams come alive.

KEY AREA TWO: Connection
You’ll have the most satisfying relationships of your lifetime as you move beyond the inherited patterns that have dictated what has been possible for you so far.

  • Tap into what it means to have a committed relationship
  • Learn the technique of detached involvement
  • Discover and understand your style and the style of others
  • Gain new insights into the source of your relationship difficulties
  • Alter your inherited outcomes

Find freedom, security and joy from breaking the cycle of scarcity that keeps you broke, in debt and chained to a job you hate.

  • Distinguish how you sabotage yourself from getting what you want
  • Make the distinction between an abundance and a scarcity mentality
  • Learn the steps to getting out of debt forever
  • Give yourself permission to have what you deserve
  • Distinguish the give/receive cycle and the art of gratitude

KEY AREA FOUR: Self-Mastery
Become the master of your own destiny and your present existence.

  • Bring your life into oneness and balance
  • Integrate a state of relaxed and centered peacefullness
  • Be able to change your perceptions at will
  • Grow your emotional Intelligence
  • Own your commitments and manage your agreements
  • Create focus and learn to live in the moment

KEY AREA FIVE: Mastermind
Learn the way to continuous achievement by building a masterful team around you.

  • Acknowledge your accomplishments and significant achievements
  • Learn the technology of the Mastermind
  • Connect to your own passionate nature
  • Tap into the courage you will need to make it all happen

What are The Warrior’s Dash Graduates Saying about the Course?

Wrote an $800,000 Grant in One Third the Time!

“Through the technology that I gained in this course I have been able to manage my decisions in a powerful way.  I have developed a strong appreciation in the ability to generate new realities in my life, simply by speaking possibilities into existence.

I wrote a major grant, for $800,000 in the span of about one month. Previously, I would have suffered and struggled all the way through such an exercise, and it almost certainly would have taken two to three times as long.

By calling this new reality into existence and having faith that it would workout; I was able to accomplish my goal in half the time. The amazing thing was that once I decided what the end result would be the steps necessary for getting to that end point magically started to appear. I was able to bring center and balance into my life.” -Dr. Charles Davis, Professor of Biology, Harvard University


Realized My Dream to Create a One-Woman Show

“I was so thankful to learn that my dreams are worth having and going after. For years I’ve played the game of dreaming of what I wanted for my life and then telling myself I could not have them, or I wasn’t worthy of my dreams. I leaned that my dreams are my gifts to help me enjoy my life on this earth and to touch others lives as well. I learned my purpose. The search is over.  I’ve cried many days and nights wondering what my purpose in life was and why was I here anyway. The question that has been haunting me over and over again has finally been answered and I am thrilled. I have learned my true purpose. What’s so amazing about all of this is that it was in me all the time. I hid it deep within me and didn’t even recognize it. I now know the direction in which I should travel down my life road. I have the answer to my pain that has been eating at me all my adult life. Your team has helped me to explore and uncover this answer.” -Kim Kelsey, actress and producer in her one woman show “Bag Lady”

What you’ll get

  • 12 days of powerful, experiential training
  • Your own personal coach
  • Being part of a team dedicated to your success
  • All of the coarse materials, including:

– Your personal workbook and gaming planning guide
– Journal
– Additional reading materials

  • A renewed passion for life
  • A compelling plan for accomplishing your most heart felt desires

Still not Convinced? Consider this…

Maybe you’re wondering about your monetary investment or about the time and effort to complete the course. Consider the cost in lost opportunity if you don’t go for your dreams, you don’t start that business, you don’t try that new creative endeavor. You’ll be spending your time and money regardless, will you also have regrets about not trying to be all you can be?

The regular price for the this course is $5000. If you hired a life coach and spent a year working on your goals you could easily pay twice that amount! Because you are already a part of the Excellence Training family (graduates of the Adventures Intensive) you are eligible for my special rate of $2500 for the whole 4 months of training and coaching!

Your Success is Guaranteed!

I want to make this a no-brainer decision and take away all the risk. I am so confident that you will get results from this course, I’m giving you my 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you particpate in all the days of the course, complete all of the exercises, complete the actions you have committed to during the course, and you’re not satisfied with the results by graduation day…I will give refund every penny of your tuition!

Here’s the deal. Register here online and get your Warrior’s Dash Tuition at $2500.

Yes, Johanne! I want to make the Warrior’s Dash with you
into excellence, purpose, prosperity, love and mastery!

I can’t wait to work with you again in the Warrior’s Dash!

To your success,


P.S. This price is unheard of.  I have taken over 3000 hours of personal training and I am offering you the best of the best for $2,500!

P.P.S. I’d love to join you in your continued journey to excellence. Register Now!