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Our Mission & Values

Our Mission & Values

Mission Statement:

  • To expand the art of leadership by teaching people how to explore the possibilities, to express their true potential and to excel in their business and personal lives.


  • To advance human potential by expanding the techniques of experiential learning.

Core Values:

  • Excellence, Integrity, Health and Well Being, Impeccability, Life Long Learning and Creativity.


  • One of the major objectives of Excellence Training LLC is to create a certification program for the Adventures in Excellence Series and for the other seminars that we do. This will allow for the addition of more training weekends and in more locations.
  • Our second objective is to expand again by submitting our syllabus to become accredited for providing Continuing Education Credits for agencies in Michigan and Canada.
  • Thirdly, we wish to add other topics to our curriculum that utilize experiential techniques .
  • Our forth objective is to have our own facility and engage other seminar leaders to participate. This will provide our customers with more alternatives and a base camp.
  • Our fifth objective is to develop and add more training material, literature, and CD’s .
  • And lastly we hope to sell training memberships to help reduce the cost for businesses and institutions. This would accommodate the firms that would like to utilize all of our training options for all their employees or constituents.