One on one coaching has been a goal of mine for many years, to expand the transformation experience of my clients beyond the seminar room. I coach from several new perspectives and I have added a more intimate level of emotional and physical healing to my restorative protocol.

I am a certified hypnotherapist, a time line therapist, and an NLP practitioner, as well as a Matrix Energetic Practitioner. I also have been trained in mind mapping and story boarding. Other modalities that I have become proficient in are nutrition (certified as a raw food chief,) essential oils, raindrop massage and the soul-retrieval technique.

I want to share this knowledge and assist your personal development in a new way… a way that will further your life transformation experience.

The reason Hypnotherapy works so much better then traditional therapy is because it works with your unconscious mind…it is the part of the brain that needs to be in alignment with the conscious mind to have change become effective and long lasting. The change will seem natural to you.

Matrix Energetics is a revolutionary system focused on:

  • The rapid transformation of consciousness
  • Creating new, more beneficial realities, and
  • Forever creating possibility.

People’s lives are altered in every way possible after a Matrix session. Energetic pathways at the cellular level may be blocked and impaired with negative experiences, trauma, illness, pain, and other weaknesses. These can shift in moments with the application of the Matrix Energetics tools.

Magic happens with a light, gentle touch, and suddenly you experience a new reality, a tangible rebalancing of energy, and an amazing shift in consciousness. The icing on the cake may often be complete physical transformation. Matrix Energetics is pretty amazing, a lot of fun and often surprising. Matrix Energetics operates in a new paradigm utilizing the principles and science of subtle energy and quantum physics, coupled with the power of active imagination and focused intent to produce these physical, verifiable effects in real time that seem to defy rational explanation (Definition by Dr. Richard Bartlett, founder and developer of Matrix Energetics).

I promise you that you will have a profound experience and a transformational awakening. Sessions can be schedule for 30 minutes up to 2 hours depending on your goals, schedule and budget.

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