Michigan’s Keynote Speaker

Looking for a dynamic guest speaker for your next conference, meeting or event?

Consider booking Johanne Edwards for an impactful presentation that really gets buzz.

If you are looking for a Michigan based keynote speaker to inspire, educate, motivate, or promote your cause or organization, Johanne is the ideal, industry-leading speaker for your event.

With deep knowledge of a wide range of topics, including team based strategic planning, problem solving, stress reduction and more.

From thirty-minutes to a two-hour time frame

Strategize the Run

  • Strategic Planning
  • Small Business Success
  • Trends and Marketing Strategies
  • Be a Life Long Learner
  • How to Set Up a Master Mind Group

Engage the Team

  • How to Inspire Action – Control Theory
  • Team Building
  • Your Business Culture is your Driving Force
  • Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
  • Brainstorming and Problem Solving

Earn Superstar Profits

  • Customer Service
  • Personality Profiles
  • Build Powerful Relationships
  • Social Media

Develop Staying Power

The Inner-Entrepreneur

  • The Power of Inner-Action
  • Stress and Burnout
  • Letting go of Negative Thoughts
  • Letting go of the Past – Transformational Leadership

The Healthy Entrepreneur

  • The Biology of Emotions
  • Longevity and the New Life Stages

Set Your Course

  • Goal Setting – Let’s Get Rid of the Excuses
  • Time and Organization

To book Johanne, please contact our office at 810-735-7850 or by email at edwards.johanne@gmail.com