The Power of Constructive Thinking

constructive thinkingThe power of our thoughts can be astounding. Negative, grumpy or depressing thoughts drag us down and magnify our challenges. Constant complaining and brooding have a hypnotic affect, driving us to behave in negative ways and thus, generating negative situations. Conversely, positive, constructive thinking and self promotion help us bring about similar results.

As a leader, you must become aware of your thoughts, because you are not only a business leader, you are a thought leader. Your attitude will dictate the attitude of your team. Imagine if thoughts are perpetually swirling in your mind, such as:

•    What if we fail?
•    We’re too busy – we can’t finish everything!
•    I’m not good enough.
•    We’ll never generate the revenue we need.
•    This team hates me.

Your team will sense it. Your body language will reflect it. The tone of your voice and your word choices will reveal your lack of confidence in yourself and your colleagues. Awareness of these thoughts is the first step in alleviating them. Catch them before they materialize and replace them with a vivid, positive thought. This will eventually become second nature and you will learn to constructively avoid these useless deterrents to your success.

The next step in managing negative thinking is simply commanding yourself to stop. Racing thoughts are difficult to harness, so this will require dedication. When a dark thought surfaces, tell it to STOP, and then examine it. Will this thought propel you forward, or trap you? If the answer is anything but propel you forward, command the thought to cease and desist.

Next, turn your mental process to something rational and constructive. What results do you want? What results will drive you toward success? Visualize these outcomes and turn your negative thinking into a mental stepping stone to your goal.

Don’t forget to give yourself a congratulatory nod for defeating a negative thought. You will thank yourself for this fresh perspective, especially when you see your team working more positively and your business manifesting the success you have envisioned.

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