Secrets to Successful Entrepreneurship

The Secret of Successful Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are frequently the subject of intense psychological and academic research. Entrepreneurial ventures, especially the successful ones, require a leader who is both business and people savvy, and while some appear to have been born with this gift, it seems elusive to others. Whatever the combination of skills and talents it requires to conceive and

Empowerment in the Workplace

Empowerment in the Workplace – This Time It’s Personal

You pride yourself as a leader who nurtures an environment of support for your employees. You listen to them, encourage their creativity and independence and regularly provide opportunities for enrichment and workplace education. You understand that fostering this culture of empowerment is vital to your employees’ performance, as well as the overall success of your

Transform Perceptions

Transform Your Perceptions About Money

Success in business relies, in part, on a healthy attitude about money. There is absolutely no shame or fault in earning an exorbitant amount of money, because, when your client pays your fees or purchases your product, the money is basically your certificate of appreciation. Sometimes, however, hard-working business people are made to feel guilty

Knowledge Age

Preparing Your Business for the Knowledge Age

In general society and the workplace, people are inundated with information from a myriad of sources. We are living in an age of instant knowledge. Want to find a great recipe for banana bread? You can find it in about 3 seconds online. Having a dispute about Henry VIII’s wives’ names? Just Google it. People

Emotional Quotient

What’s Your Emotional Quotient?

Becoming an effective leader who inspires improvement and ambition is one rung on the ladder to becoming an UnBeatable Entrepreneur. In my book, The UnBEATable Entrepreneur Workout Guide, I write that the leader within you must be cultivated and refined before you can grow your business. This requires maturity, and what’s more, it requires a

constructive thinking

The Power of Constructive Thinking

The power of our thoughts can be astounding. Negative, grumpy or depressing thoughts drag us down and magnify our challenges. Constant complaining and brooding have a hypnotic affect, driving us to behave in negative ways and thus, generating negative situations. Conversely, positive, constructive thinking and self promotion help us bring about similar results. As a