Emotional Quotient

What’s Your Emotional Quotient?

Becoming an effective leader who inspires improvement and ambition is one rung on the ladder to becoming an UnBeatable Entrepreneur. In my book, The UnBEATable Entrepreneur Workout Guide, I write that the leader within you must be cultivated and refined before you can grow your business. This requires maturity, and what’s more, it requires a

constructive thinking

The Power of Constructive Thinking

The power of our thoughts can be astounding. Negative, grumpy or depressing thoughts drag us down and magnify our challenges. Constant complaining and brooding have a hypnotic affect, driving us to behave in negative ways and thus, generating negative situations. Conversely, positive, constructive thinking and self promotion help us bring about similar results. As a

Acknowledging others

Can You Give Loving Acknowledgment?

In the work place, we have always expected our boss to acknowledge that he appreciates what we have done. Our children are always asking for our approval. All of us desire to be noticed and applauded for our efforts and accomplishments. Yet, as human beings, we are not very adept at giving or receiving loving

stress image

Master Your Stress

Jane went to her doctor; she was experiencing fatigue, lack of sleep, and depression.  Her doctor told her that her symptoms sounded like she was under a great deal of stress.  He asked Jane where this stress might be coming from.  She explained to her doctor that the stress was coming from working with an


Finding Inner Peace

Bringing harmony and peace into our lives is something that all human beings are striving for, often looking in vain outside of ourselves to find it. But finding inner peace requires that we understand ourselves and take a look at our needs and whether they are being met. We are made up of four need


Growing Our Self-Confidence

Are you a human being, or a human doing? Most of us go through our lives doing. We do the job, the marriage, and the kids.  We just keep doing the doing like mindless creatures. Extreme doers may be called workaholics. Those who can’t say no and double book themselves are trying to do more