Knowledge Age

Preparing Your Business for the Knowledge Age

In general society and the workplace, people are inundated with information from a myriad of sources. We are living in an age of instant knowledge. Want to find a great recipe for banana bread? You can find it in about 3 seconds online. Having a dispute about Henry VIII’s wives’ names? Just Google it. People


Improving Communication Skills

Napoleon said, “We rule the world by our words.” If this is so, we must be aware of the words we say, the language we use, and the stories we tell. We are what we talk about all day long. Do you use words of criticism or praise? Is your conversation negative or positive? Are

An Introduction to Experiential Training

“Tell me…I will forget” “Show me…I may remember” “Involve me…I will understand” Like this proverb suggests we learn better when we are involved in an active experience.  Experiential training can take on many strategies according to Dr. Sivasailam Thiagarajan, Ph. D.  These experiential training strategies are designed and deployed when different outcomes are required. This