Adventures Weekend


The Adventures protocol is a two-part series conducted on two separate weekends, one month apart. The first weekend creates the most dramatic shift and is the most transformative. The second weekend is designed to anchor and enhance the first weekends experience. The first weekend three-day experience is summarized here.

Day 1 of the weekend process begins on Friday at 11:00 a.m. and goes until about 10:00 p.m. that first night. The first day is structured to create safety and give a review of the rules for playing the games and an intense self-examination. This is accomplished by open discussion, reviewing the guidelines, rules, and commitments of the weekend, and establishing trust. The development of open communication is accomplished in one-on-one interplays, small group discussions led by the TAs (training assistants) and by sharing with the larger group. Games are played to assist participants in shifting their perceptions and judgments about themselves and others. This begins the sharing of insights, individual learnings, and breakthroughs.

Day 2 begins at 9:00 a.m. Saturday and goes until 10:00 p.m. This morning begins with a share about insights made on the first day and during the overnight incubation period.

Preparation for the most intense game of the weekend is given. This game is called the Game of Life (or the contract) and, here, prepared participants resolve both cumulative (degenerative) traumatic experiences and major life traumas or conflict shocks (episodic). They visit their feelings of anger and guilt and bring closure. It is during this time that the ah-ha quantum leapoccurs, and healing is realized. This impacts both the physical and mental states of the participant.

A celebration dance is planned for that evening. The dance is another game that brings about healing and emotional and physical body release. At this dance, authentic self-expression is encouraged, self-confidence is grown, and self-consciousness is freed up. Here participants learn how to have fun without artificial stimulants. It is during the dance that another opportunity for the quantum leapoccurs.

Day 3 begins at 9:00 a.m. Sunday and goes until 6:00 p.m. The day again begins with a sharing of insights and preparation for the day’s experience is achieved. The main exercise of the day is about letting go and creating freedom. The quantum leapof transformation has an opportunity to be experienced again in this exercise. Self-confidence and human potential is grown during this game. The rest of the day is now in preparing the participants to leave the safe and loving environment to go back out into the real world. They are now transformed and are ready and armed to resume their lives at a higher level of performance and with more vitality.

What is the quantum leap?

This insightful moment is referred to as the ah-ha moment, a moment of creativity where a paradigm shift (a shift in perception) can occur. This shift of perception collapses the old beliefs generated by a past traumatic event and then allows for the creation of a new story and new forwarding behaviors. This brings the individual from grief to creativity. True recovery happens during that moment not only at the emotional and biological level but at the quantum level as well. In that moment, there is a release of energy that is defined in quantum physics as the quantum leap.