How to gain cooperation, reduce conflict, and increase self-esteem through everyday conversation with your manager, co-workers, and customers

What your employees will learn:

  • How you impact others
  • Your unique contributions to your organization
  • How your strengths can be come limitations
  • How you tend to react under pressure – often in your “blind spot.”
  • What criteria you use to judge people
  • Your fears – where you feel the need for protection
  • Where you feel “right” with the world
  • What you can do to increase your effectiveness for maximum success

This lively and engaging workshop leads your team into the world of win/win. It is about knowing yourself so that you can know others. This is interactive learning at its best. Not another boring lecture, but an opportunity to learn while doing.

There are two major parts that we will be focusing on:

Part One: How our individual leadership can create team spirit and the ability to go for the win/win. How everyone can be a winner in the work place. How your team can have more engaging meetings that produce results and still enjoy working together.

Part Two: The second part will be a personalized assessment to determine your team’s leadership strengths and weaknesses and give your staff the tools to see the strengths and build on the weaknesses of others.

Additional tools that you can count on during this one day experience:

  • Improved communications skills
  • Better understanding of people
  • Creative problem solving
  • Team building
  • Effective conflict resolution
  • How to conduct successful meetings

Expand your Emotional Intelligence Quotient!