Johanne D. Edwards DNM, Ph.D

A Natural Health Doctor, Seminar Leader, Personal Empowerment Coach,
Champion of the Human Spirit, Innovative, Intuitive and Inspirational

Johanne Edwards

As a Doctor of Natural (Nature’s) Medicine and a Life Transformational Trainer, Dr. Edwards teaches and counsels clients using empowering systems in which an eclectic mix of natural modalities and techniques are used. 

She counsels clients on self-care with a focus on bringing harmony to the body. She emphasizes diet, nutrition, supplementation, detoxification and aids her clients in trauma and addiction recovery for optimal mental and physical health which encourages individuals’ inherent self-rejuvenation.

Dr. Edwards can coach and guide individuals to achieve their best “self” and delivers personal transformation in one-on-one office visits or in group settings. The group work is done in a weekend “boot camp” and is designed to help the individual achieve personal “excellence” and transformational change physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Her philosophy is to empower not only the physical body but the mind’s neuroplasticity for total physical and emotional recovery.

She has conducted numerous workshops teaching health enhancement techniques, relationship building, and personal empowerment throughout Michigan.  Her commitment and dedication to personal transformation is evident in her 30-year career in designing and delivering her longevity philosophy.

A graduate of Quantum University Johanne holds a Doctorate in Natural Medicine and a Ph. D in Trauma and Addiction Recovery, and she holds additional degrees in Chemistry and Human Resource Management. 

Her studies at Quantum University included coursework in Quantum Biology which applies not only Cellular Biology but also Quantum Physics for the complete understanding of how the body operates at both the cellular and subatomic levels. This provided her with a comprehensive knowledge of the human body at both the physical and vital levels. 

“I want my life to have meaning, and for me that comes when I share my experience and educate others on how to make significant breakthroughs in their life – ultimately connecting with their own magnificence.”