Johanne Edwards • Doctor of Natural Medicine

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West Sky Wellness Center

West Sky Wellness is a holistic wellness center that provides a variety of services to help our clients heal and reach enlightenment through positive mental & physical health.  Our approach to wellness targets mind, body & soul!

Moving toward the West Sky

In China, West is the direction of enlightenment. Judaism tells us that moving westward brings us closer to the shining presence of the Divine. In India, people face West to pray, the direction of Mecca. From a magical perspective West represents the element of Water. This is the pure power of our emotional life. Seasonally West is the Fall when the earth readies itself for the sleep and transformation of winter. People work magic in the West for releasing old habits, pains or patterns that hold them back. Light Workers tell us that West is the key direction for beginning a vision quest. Seeking an insight or a message to become an apprentice and a student for mastering their role in life.

New Directions for Wellness

  • Guidelines for a Ketogenic diet & Fasting
  • Instructions for Meditation and stress relief
  • Steps to add new and improved daily habits
  • Practices for self-regeneration and performance
  • Develop Your Own Wellness Map


West Sky Wellness Center
123 North Bridge Street, Linden, MI 48451

(810) 287-082

It’s All About You

At the West Sky Wellness Center, we will help you improve your overall health, reach and maintain your optimal weight and develop staying power. You will learn about the mechanisms of chronic disease and how toxins play a part in your overall wellness. We will teach you how a whole food diet and ketosis, fasting and nutritional supplementation can alleviate those mechanisms of poor health and weight gain.

Chronic stress and our negative emotions also play a big part in our wellness and balanced physical states. Stressful relationships, conditioning, and the inability to move beyond our history plays a role in our loss of wellbeing and ultimately our health. It is not just what you are eating but, what is eating you.

Therefore, both our nutrition and our emotions play a big part in a balanced life. Both must be brought into harmony if you want to achieve longevity. We will show you how to manage your emotions through meditation and active goal setting. We will guide you and teach techniques for developing new habits as you collapse old negative patterns. You will be developing and establishing a wellness map for manifesting your best year ever.

The Natural Doctor

Johanne Edwards DNM, Ph.D

A Natural Health Doctor, Seminar Leader, Champion of the Human Spirit, Innovative, Intuitive and Inspirational

As a Doctor of Natural (Nature’s) Medicine and a Life Transformational Trainer, Dr. Edwards teaches and counsels clients using empowering systems in which an eclectic mix of natural modalities and techniques are used.

She counsels clients on self-care with a focus on bringing harmony to the body. She emphasizes diet, nutrition, supplementation, detoxification and aids her clients in trauma and addiction recovery for optimal mental and physical health which encourages individuals’ inherent self-rejuvenation.

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West Sky Wellness Center
123 North Bridge Street, Linden, MI 48451

(810) 287-082