Total Customer Satisfaction

total customer satisfaction Creating total customer satisfaction is not complicated, but it does require dedication. In my book, The UnBEATable Entrepreneur Workbook, I ask readers if they are treating customers like their best friend ever. In my business, I conduct workshops, bootcamps and seminars, but I’m not just selling a product. My goal is to create an experience. From the moment a client registers for one of my events, they are warmly welcomed and informed that one of our staff will act as a concierge through the entire process. We maintain regular contact with our clients prior to the event, then create a customized learning experience that addresses their specific goals. Even when the event is complete, they receive an appreciation gift and later, a hand written note thanking them again.

This is how I create raving fans.

Typically, when your friend has an average or mediocre customer service experience, they rarely discuss it with you. But if they are dissatisfied or treated poorly by any service provider, it is the first topic they discuss with you over dinner. Anger, frustration or disappointment prompt a flurry of conversation, because your friend wants to ensure no one else experiences what they went through. Too often, businesses simply try to avoid the latter, and settle for the former. But being acceptable or “just ok,” will not garner a raving base of loyal fans.

You can create raving fans by:
Understanding the Superstar Mindset
•    Accept that you are providing a superior service and do not be afraid to earn money.

Create a Customer Vision
•    Decide what your business will be like and plan how you will make your customer feel special.

Keep the Customer in Your Funnel
•    Increase conversion rate by filling your marketing coffers with as many potential customers as possible, and guiding them to a closed sale.

Create Relationships and Networks
•    Communicate regularly with past clients, industry associations and create an expansive network of constituents.

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