Keep Your Customer in the Marketing Funnel

Marketing Funnel The concept of a Marketing Funnel is an excellent analogy, which will help you multiply your income. By filling the top of your funnel with many customers, capturing their attention and guiding them through to the bottom of your products and services. Picture a physical funnel, and imagine enticing as many customers as possible to enter the wide portion of the tunnel. Accomplish this with your perfect customer vision, offering inexpensive incentives. As these customers are funneled through the narrow portion, they come closer to buying from you. Ultimately, they become satisfied customers and are likely to both buy again, and to help feed new prospects back into the top of the funnel.

This is a marketing tactic designed to increase your conversion rate. For example, if you speak to 10 prospects, and three become customers, this translates to a 30% conversion rate. Increasing the conversion rate is possible using many tools, such as making irresistible offers (just make sure you can follow through), finding inexpensive ways to make clients feel special and creating a sellable product from every talent in your arsenal.

Before you can start welcoming prospects into your funnel, you must create a detailed, functional marketing plan. This will differ depending on the nature of your business and your ideal customer, but in general, these are some concepts to consider:

•    Ideal customer
•    How will you make a measurable difference?
•    What is innovative about your product or service?
•    Lead generation plan
•    Lead conversion plan (including your extras and giveaways)
•    Loyalty offerings (it is less expensive to keep an existing customer than to attract a new one)

Establishing these metrics, your desired qualitative and quantitative results, and sharing them with your team will give you a clear, shared vision and a guide for filling your funnel, and creating clients that will help you fill it again and again.

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