Johanne Edwards

About Johanne Edwards

Entrepreneur, Seminar Leader, Personal Empowerment Coach Champion of the Human Spirit, Innovative, Intuitive and Inspirational.

A natural leader and facilitator, with a true commitment to people, Johanne Edwards, has assisted thousands of individuals in making positive changes in their lives.

Johanne the Human Potential Facilitator

Through experiential training workshops focused on communications, conflict resolution, leadership, creativity, and empowerment, Johanne helps individuals take their lives in new directions. Her lively, engaging programs help participants cast off old ways of looking at issues, explore ground breaking ideas, and embrace new, successful habits. These courses have been developed to give you:

  • Direction for your life
  • The confidence to be who you are truly meant to be
  • The solutions to historically “unsolvable problems

Johanne the Business Coach

Johanne has conducted numerous teambuilding, strategic planning, and communications workshops, as well as leadership seminars for professional groups throughout the Midwest. Johanne’s forte is pulling together diverse groups of people to accomplish a common goal — oftentimes when the group is made up of individuals with opposing points of view. Working to grow and develop businesses, orchestrating their strategic plans and acting as a catalyst for process improvements. Johanne’s coaching has aided the entrepreneur and many individuals sort out their business challenges, create a compass, and overcome adversity.

Johanne the Personal Transformation Practitioner

One-on-one personal development sessions are a new addition to Johanne’s toolbox. Johanne utilizes state of the art NLP, Hypnotherapy and Matrix techniques to help individuals restore their natural balance. A more intimate level of emotional and physical healing.

“I want my life to have meaning, and for me that comes when I share my experience and educate others on how to make significant breakthroughs in their life -ultimately connecting with their own magnificence.”

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