Risk Comfort Zone

Becoming Your Own Risk Manager

Risk is integral to build an innovative, unique enterprise, and if you are an entrepreneur, you are probably already hardwired for risk. Because risk taking is part of your verynature, maybe you don’t even recognize that it is the daring dreamer inside you that risks failure to achieve success. This is where entrepreneurs thrive, because

Secrets to Successful Entrepreneurship

The Secret of Successful Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are frequently the subject of intense psychological and academic research. Entrepreneurial ventures, especially the successful ones, require a leader who is both business and people savvy, and while some appear to have been born with this gift, it seems elusive to others. Whatever the combination of skills and talents it requires to conceive and

Empowerment in the Workplace

Empowerment in the Workplace – This Time It’s Personal

You pride yourself as a leader who nurtures an environment of support for your employees. You listen to them, encourage their creativity and independence and regularly provide opportunities for enrichment and workplace education. You understand that fostering this culture of empowerment is vital to your employees’ performance, as well as the overall success of your

Inspiring a Strong Culture

Inspiring a Strong Culture

A business or corporate culture is much like the culture of a society. For example, you’ve heard the phrase, “Southern hospitality,” which insinuates that natives of the Southern U.S. states are generally friendlier, more helpful and more congenial than those who live in other regions. This reputation is part of our country’s common vernacular, because

Strategy Formation

Strategy Formation of Your Purpose and Values

Marathon runners start planning for the big race many months in advance. They plan for the expected, and the unexpected, and without these established strategies, they would likely fail. Much like the runner, entrepreneurs must approach their businesses with a strategic mindset. The strategy formation process is purposeful and driven by your values. To discover

Successful Entrepreneurship

Successful Entrepreneurship Can Be Learned and Cultivated

Many people reject the idea that successful entrepreneurship can be learned and cultivated. The belief that only some are born to build a business, close deals and generate income is wrong and I will prove it to you. In my book, The UnBEATable Entrepreneur Workbook, I arm readers with motivational and strategic tools to help