Empowerment in the Workplace

Empowerment in the Workplace – This Time It’s Personal

You pride yourself as a leader who nurtures an environment of support for your employees. You listen to them, encourage their creativity and independence and regularly provide opportunities for enrichment and workplace education. You understand that fostering this culture of empowerment is vital to your employees’ performance, as well as the overall success of your

empowered teams

Empowered Teams

Leadership requires multiple talents, namely: the ability to drive a successful business and the charisma to motivate a team of employees. Often the tasks necessary to drive your business to the next level, however, make sense to you because you are the planner, the visionary and the painter of the big picture. Is your staff

Acknowledging others

Can You Give Loving Acknowledgment?

In the work place, we have always expected our boss to acknowledge that he appreciates what we have done. Our children are always asking for our approval. All of us desire to be noticed and applauded for our efforts and accomplishments. Yet, as human beings, we are not very adept at giving or receiving loving